Brand Management

Our brand management consultants help you track and react to what people are saying about your business.

Linear Agency employs brand-monitoring technology to scrutinize and manage online press coverage, social media, and other reviews and ratings. We are familiar with both traditional and online services and will bring all of your brand management to a united front. We analyze how your brand is positioned in its market and we adjust the types of marketing you use in order to foster better relationships with clients. Linear Agency makes your brand consistent and shows you how to positively and honestly represent your message.




Linear Agency develops a written press release word by word and distributes it to your target audience on any device. We revitalize traditional approaches and change your approach. Our press release formats employ SEO to effortlessly pitch your content online and through social media. We will show you how to share and interact with subscribers, bloggers, and other influences. Our press releases are bold yet genuine and answer the who, what, when, where, why, and how of your message. We make your content applicable to consumers and encourage a direct response.