Linear Agency’s staff comprises individuals with 15 to 40 years of experience, each uniquely qualified in all types of media services, traditional and online marketing, and public relations. Collectively, the staff creates, manages, and enhances financial growth for organizations and businesses across the world, leaving a lasting footprint for success.


We’re the whole package

This is where all your media and marketing needs live and grow under one roof, one brain trust, one expertly managed strategic plan. For nearly two decades, we’ve lived and breathed media and anything that touches it: advertising, public relations, social media and collaterals. Your one-stop shop, Linear Agency strategically positions your message and carries it through traditional or “Linear” media channels. We then monitor and respond by engaging your audience through “Non-Linear” outlets while making sure your campaign receives the highest return on investment.

Connect with us now, and find out how we’ve successfully put our full-service approach to work for the most respected names in both for-profit and non-profit industries.

What Linear Agency Has Achieved for Their Clients

  • Over 25,000,000 client telephone calls.

  • Over 6,000,000 new customers added to client files.

  • Over 3,000,000 text messages sent

  • Media managed in 6 countries.