What Makes Us Different?

We deliver real, revenue increasing results; NOT just trends on graphs.

Media placement

Linear Agency is your trusted source for media buying. We use a multi-platform approach that allows us to negotiate in order to bring advertising costs down so as to ramp up your sales or donations.

As long-time infomercial data producers, in both long- and short-form direct response, we know what it takes to inspire viewers to act and which time slots give you the most return on investments. We have worked decades to build long-term relationships with respected local, national and international media outlets.

Our expertise will benefit your team whether you are looking to reach your audience through radio, Internet, or television mediums.

IVR Response ANd Live operator

IVR stands for Interactive Voice Response. This is a system that uses pre-recorded voice responses to host in-coming calls and direct them as necessary.

Linear Agency will choose the right IVR platform, software, Live Operator (or combination) and other support features to design and handle your call volume.

Our system has speech recognition, next generation speech to text, messaging and transcription- all customized to your campaigns to produce cost effective results.

The Linear Agency team will manage your automated sales response system so you don’t have to.

Direct response campaign -Digital and direct mail

Direct response campaigns seek to elicit an immediate response from consumers through advertising. Linear Agency will develop a strategy for your company or on-profit that will lead to calls, clicks, and closed sales and donations. We know the value of an integrated multi-channel strategy. Linear Agency will make every word count as we communicate your message directly to the customer. Our direct response media-buying experts have over 30 years of experience in perfecting direct response strategies. We can design a website that will handle the traffic of responses from leads. We will track response rates and we will measure sales to ensure the campaign is working. Contact us today.

Video production

Linear Agency will blends artistry with marketability to maximize your impact on potential clients. We specialize in creating videos for corporate, non-profit, and consumer audiences. We work closely with you to develop your needs whether you need marketing, educational, or product launch visual media. The Linear Agency direct response TV video production outdoes outdated techniques. We are familiar with the current best practices for video pre and postproduction. We aid you in conceptualizing a story that will fully represent who you are and share your message to your audience.


When you are mired in the details of managing a business or non-profit you can sometimes miss the big picture. Linear Agency will be your management consultant to help you organize and strategize to gain success. Our consultants provide opinions, counsel, and advice on how to adjust your company to best practices. We are skilled in performance, management, projects, expertise, improvement, process, planning, and operations. We are your trusted partner for business and non-profit consulting.

What Linear Agency Has Achieved

  • Over 20,000,000 client telephone calls.

  • 2,500,000 new customers added to client files.

  • Over 3,000,000 text messages sent

  • Media managed in 6 countries.